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primary Class 4 & 5's lesson plan

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GeographyContinent: Antartica
Winter Holidays Around the World
How People Celebrate Winter Holidays Around the World
Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa
ZoologyAnimals that Hibernate, Migrate, Adapt during Winter
Winter animals: All about Polar Bear & Penguins
BotanyPlants that grows in AntarCtica
There are only a few plants that can survive the harsh climate of Antarctica, with it's extreme temperatures, fierce winds and lack of rain.
Simple plants like algae, mosses, liverworts, lichens and microscopic fungi can survive and grow in...
Practical & SensorialGrace and Courtesy,
Sorting, Folding a cloth, Packing a lunch, Packing a suitcase
dressing frames (zipper & buttons)
Art Reindeer Painting
Christmas Greeting Card
LanguagePhonics & Letters: Jj, Vv, Qq - Beginning sound of object to letter matching; Picture to word matching;
Tracing Names; Tracing and Writing the Alphabet and Numbers
MathReading numbers 1 to 100 (Chart); Writing numbers 1 to 20;
Introduction to the addition strip board and golden beads
Group Activity Yoga* Music and Movement
NutritionNutritionPublic Speaking
‘Talk about your family’