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toddler class lesson plan

GVM Toddler Weekly lesson plan for 12/8/2014 - 12/12/2014

All about Winter
Winter animals/ Hibernation

La Posada (Mexico celebration of christmas)
Science Learn about the four seasons
Practical Life Introduce Teapot pouring, Tweezing christmas bows,
spooning snowmen, Care of environment: wiping shelves & chairs
Art & MusicArt: Penguin craft, Poinsettia plant handprints

Practicing Christmas songs for our Christmas Program
Language and Math
Other: Counting 1-10, Numbers(3), Number rods, Letter "Oo", Colors
(Yellow), Color matching, Shape (Circle), Shape sorting

Songs:Christmas songs- Christmas Tree, Frosty the snowman , Letter "Mm " song
Group Activity YogaMusic and movementNutrition* Music and Movement
Public Speaking
‘Talk about your family’