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A glimpse of natural habitat at Global Village Montessori

On Friday July 28th, Christine from Nature Center visited Global Village Montessori Preschool - Park Victoria in Milpitas with interesting animals from around the bay area. The children were so excited. They touched, observed, and asked questions about these animals. Christine showed the children how these animals go through everyday life in their natural habitat.

The first animal she showed was a Pacific tree frog by the name of “Hopper.” Pacific tree frogs are very popular in Washington and California. Christine talked about the lifecycle of the tree frog and showed Hopper around to the children in the palm of her hand. She showed them the right way to touch the frog.

They also saw “Terra the Tarantula”. The children were very excited to see a real live spider but some were very afraid. Afterwards, we got to see the shedded skin of another spider, which is created in a process called moulting.

The Gopher snake was yellow and shiny. It had beautiful skin. Christine also showed the shedded skin of another snake. The skin felt crispy and light to touch.

The Turtle Dove named Olive was grey and black with soft furry feathers. The children loved touching it because of its soft skin. It flew around the classroom and the children squealed with laughter.

It was wonderful to watch the children enjoy a glimpse of natural habitat in a safe and friendly manner.

Global Village Montessori Preschool, with locations in Pleasanton and Milpitas, provides high quality Montessori education for children aged 2 - 6 years. We have a balanced curriculum, inspired teachers and an inviting physical space leading to happy children. We like to make learning fun and hands-on in our preschool.

Posted by
Ms. Rekha
of Global Village Montessori Preschool,
Park Victoria