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Importance of Circle Time at Global Village Montessori

At Global Village Montessori, the day’s orientation and learning begins with Circle Time. It is the time when all children and the Teachers come together and greet one another. It's also the time where the teacher might review concepts such as calendar, time, and weather or introduce a new Montessori activity. When children know what to expect, the day will go on smoothly. There are many reasons for children to attend the morning/big circle.  First, it is essential to set up the daily routine, especially for the younger children. The younger they are, the more they feel secure to stick on the same routine. Second, the welcome/theme songs are introduced during Circle Time. Children participate excitedly by singing and listening to story time as well. Third, the core concept of daily Montessori materials are presented during this time. Lastly, Circle Time provides a chance for the children to practice public speaking skills, to listen, to feel empathy and sometimes to acquire a new language. Therefore, Circle Time is essential for child development. Please help your child by ensuring that he/she gets dropped off at GVM before the Circle Time so that your child can have a fun-filled enriching day.

In the mini circle, children have an opportunity to learn in depth how to do a Montessori job. They can engage with materials and interact with peers. In the image above, the children were be able to see and count the number rods with fingers after the teacher presented Numeral Rods and Number cards.

However, it is easy for the children to be disrupted when they are in Circle Time especially when a child is dropped late. The dropped off child will not be ready to join circle time right away. Young children take more time to settle down and start their day. Learning needs concentration, and circle time allows children to promote their social, emotional, and academic skills.
We encourage parents to discuss with your child what they learned during circle time. Here are some tips you may want to ask your child at home when you pick him or her up.

What songs have you learned today?
What Montessori job attracts you most?
What book did you read at school?
What letters/numbers did you learn today?
How was your show and tell?

Global Village Montessori Preschool, with locations in Pleasanton and Milpitas, provides high quality Montessori education for children aged 2 - 6 years. We have a balanced curriculum, inspired teachers and an inviting physical space leading to happy children. We like to make learning fun and hands-on in our preschool. The Pleasanton location is accessible to Dublin and San Ramon while the Milpitas locations are accessible to San Jose, Santa Clara and Fremont.

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