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Public Speaking & Show & Tell

It's never too early to encourage kids to stand up in front of people and perform. Performance doesn't have to be learning lots of lines for a play or spectacle; it can be as simple as singing a song, telling about a picture they drew, reciting a favorite poem or even talking in front of their peers at circle time. The more we encourage children to speak, the greater the likelihood that their self-confidence will increase with each experience. Everyone has a story to tell and wants someone to listen.

At Global Village, we believe public speaking helps children to develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, critical thinking, and overcome the fear of speaking in front of a group.  We create a very friendly, age appropriate environment for the children to talk about their favorite toy.  We teach public speaking in the form of ‘show and tell.’ Each Friday, the children are allowed to bring an item from home to share with their peers.  During circle time, the teacher will lay out all of the “Sharing items” on a laid out rug.  Each child will have the opportunity to get up in front of their class, choose their item from the rug and then talk about it.  Once the child is done speaking, the teacher will go around and ask the other children if they have any questions for that child.  This act helps the children to develop their language skills as well as critical thinking as they have to think of a questions for their friends.

Global Village Montessori Preschool, with locations in Pleasanton and Milpitas, provides high quality Montessori education for children aged 2 - 6 years. We have a balanced curriculum, inspired teachers and an inviting physical space leading to happy children. We like to make learning fun and hands-on in our preschool.

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Ms. Kelly
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