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COVID-19 changes

At Global Village Montessori, our staff’s and children’s safety/health is our top priority. We have new policies and guidelines in place during the pandemic.

At GVM, we follow guidelines from CDC, Department of Social Services (Child Care Licensing) and Department of Public Health to keep our facilities extra clean and safe. These policies and guidelines may be modified as per future guidance from these departments.

Here’s a short video of some of the policies in place at our locations.

Guidelines for parents and staff

  • Parents must notify the school if a child has taken any fever reducing medications in the last 24 hours and must not bring the child to school.
  • If a parent or a member of the same household tests positive for COVID-19 they will be required to provide a proof of clearance from a doctor prior to bringing the child to school. The same protocols apply to school staff.
  • Parents should check the child’s temperature daily at home in the morning prior to bringing the child to school. If the temperature is above 100.4 F, and the child is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, muscle aches and difficulty breathing), please stay home and get medical care. Please inform the school ASAP. Same for the staff members.
  • If a child or staff member develops a cough, fever, or shortness of breath at school, we will send them home as soon as possible. They should stay home until they are symptom free (no cough or fever and no fever controlling meds) for at least 72 hours.
  • If a child or staff member is affected by COVID-19, a 14-day waiting period is required before they can return along with a physician’s note permitting school attendance.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for COVID-19 sickness or any other illnesses for any duration. Make up days will also not be allowed.
  • Parents and staff must maintain social distancing outside of school to reduce spread
  • County Public Health Department, Child Care Licensing Department and Parents will be informed if there are any known cases of COVID-19 within the school.
  • Please do not send any unnecessary backpacks, toys to the school.
  • GVM will follow guidelines given by the County Health Department and DSS and will modify these procedures based on updates from them. Parents, County Health and licensing will be informed if there are any COVID-19 cases within the school.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policies

  • The parent is required to wear a face mask during drop-off and pick-up and maintain 6-feet distancing at the entry.
  • A staff member will meet the parent at the entry and will do a temperature check of the child at drop off time and do a visual inspection of the child for signs of illness. The staff member will go over a brief questionnaire regarding the health of the child as well as the child’s immediate family.
  • Please keep the drop off and pick up as brief as possible. Parents are discouraged from entering the school building.
  • Parents are required to sign in and out on a paper sign in and out sheet.
  • Parents and Staff must bring their own pens when signing in and out.
  • If possible, the same parent should pick up and drop off the child every day.
  • Hand sanitizers will be placed out of the reach of children, near all entry doors and other high traffic areas. Please use the sanitizer before signing in and out.

Teacher to Child Ratio & Group Size

GVM will adhere to reduced child-teacher ratios and small group size outlined below as per DSS guidelines (valid until June 30th). Max number of children in a group will be limited to 10 and kept in the same group. Children in ages 24 months - Kindergarten mixed age group will have a student-teacher ratio of 1:6 and children in the 36 months - Kindergarten age group will have a student-teacher ratio of 1:10.

Practice Healthy Hygiene

  • We will teach, model, and reinforce healthy habits and social skills for the children. We will implement and model social distancing when interacting with children, families, and staff.  Role-play what social distancing looks like by demonstrating the recommended distance. We will provide frequent verbal reminders to children.
  • Explain to children why it’s not healthy to share drinks or food, particularly when sick.
  • Avoid touching their faces with their hands. Teach children to use tissue to wipe their nose and to cough inside their elbow.
  • Practice frequent handwashing by teaching a popular child-friendly song or counting to 20 (hand washing should last 20 seconds).
  • Model and practice handwashing before and after eating, after coughing or sneezing, after playing outside, and after using the restroom.
  • We will use carpet squares, mats, and labels for spacing.

Classroom Practices

  • Only staff necessary to maintain the ratio will be inside classrooms. Staff members will wear face masks at all times. Staff will use disposable food-grade gloves when handling food.
  • Masks for children are optional and can be provided by parents. Please wash them daily if they are cloth masks. Provide a new mask if using disposable ones. Please mark the mask visibly with the child’s name. Please note that the staff will not force the child to wear the mask if the child is uncomfortable wearing the mask during school hours.
  • Student belongings such as mats, masks and other items will be placed in individual bags provided by school. Please ensure that your child has an extra set of clothes in the school in case your child’s clothes are soiled. The school will not lend clothes.
  • Children and staff will be required to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds upon entering the facility. Hand washing by the children will be reinforced throughout the day before using montessori jobs, before/after meals and after using the bathroom.
  • Activities are conducted individually or in small groups whenever possible.
  • Frequently clean all touched surfaces.
  • Stagger indoor and outdoor play and adjust schedules to reduce the number of children in the same area.

Meal Times

  • Utilize more tables to spread children out or use name cards to ensure adequate spacing of children. Social distancing will be practiced throughout the day as far as possible; during circle, montessori job, meal and nap times.
  • We will practice proper hand washing before and after eating. Children will be encouraged to sing songs while washing. Hand washing will be reinforced multiple times during the day
  • Use paper goods and disposable plastic utensils when possible, following CDC and CDPH COVID-19 food handling guidelines.
  • Immediately clean and disinfect trays and tables after meals.
  • School will provide AM and PM snacks (dry snacks and milk). Disposable cups, bowls and utensils will be used.
  • Parents will be required to provide lunch from home.

Our in-person preschool hours are modified as follows:
Full Day : 8 AM - 5 PM
Half Day: 8:30 AM - 12 PM for Part time AM Session

Drop-off hours are from 8 - 9 am and pick-up hours are at 12 PM (for AM session) and 4:30 - 5pm for Full Day session.

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your cooperation.