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Summer Programs

Little Chefs

We will all become chefs for the week and learn the basics of nutrition, healthy eating and cooking. We will learn to cut, spread, mix, measure, roll and cook. We will make healthy snacks such as Fruit salad, Veggie salad and finish with yummy cookies . We will also experience different tastes, textures, smells and colors

Aloha Hawaii

We will try to bring a slice of Hawaii to the preschool this week. We will learn about the origins of Hawaiian islands and explore Hawaiian food, music, dance, art, culture during this week. We will also have our very own Luau party.

Red white and Blue

In the spirit of Independence Day week, we will wear red white and blue all week. We will make our own fireworks and star hats.We will enjoy a number of games, face painting, learn to juggle, toss bean bags and many more. We will end the week with our very own carnival on Friday
Digging for Dinosaurs

Children will become junior paleontologists while digging deeper into dino exploration through hands-on exploration. We will explore several dinosaurs through fun games, fossils, storytelling sessions, and art activities.

We Love Science Week

Children will discover how much fun Science is and become scientists for a week. We will explore water science, water cycle, water conservation, Things that sink and float. We learn about and make our own volcano, mix water colors and make Ooey Gooey

Space and Solar System

We will learn about space and our Solar system. We will make our own rocket ships and constellation. We will explore planets and space with lots of activities and crafts.