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What is Montessori?

At Global Village Montessori preschool, our goal is to provide a high-quality Montessori preschool with a unique classroom atmosphere.

The Montessori Method

Is a prepared educational environment that is child-directed.  This method of teaching aims for children to develop self-confidence and inner discipline.  The teacher is to create a calm and orderly atmosphere while allowing children to have the freedom they need to become independent. Trained teachers are there to support and guide the child’s engagement in the curriculum.

In a Montessori classroom, children work independently or in groups with specially designed learning materials that will lead children to a deeper understanding of language, mathematics, science, music, practical life and much more. Our classroom environment is proportional to the children’s height, with low shelves and small tables and chairs for the children to be able to take any material they prefer and place it back on the shelf when they are done.  The classroom is separated into designated theme areas with related materials.  Our classrooms are based on self-directed activities and hands-on learning, allowing children to learn at their own pace and rhythm.

Practical Life: Montessori’s practical life helps the child learn to take care of self, care of the environment, and grace and courtesy. The materials used in practical life are geared towards this area engage the children in everyday activities. These include folding, table setting, pouring, carrying, and much more. All of these activities help a child develop order, coordination, concentration, and independence.

Sensorial: Sensorial comes from the word sense. This means the child will be able to improve their five senses using our Montessori materials including the pink tower, brown stairs, cylinder blocks, and much more. These activities allow the child to categorize the materials based on size, sound, color, and shape.

Math: Children will learn about numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication with a variety of our Montessori materials. The mathematical materials we provide will allow each child to develop their mathematical mind at their own pace.

Language: Children are exposed to various phonetic components that constitutes the English language. They progress using concrete materials which aid them in developing their reading skills including vocabulary, recognition of letters, and much more. Pre-writers will learn letter tracing, holding a pencil, and letter sounds.  Once the child can read and write learning will not stop there, they will continue to increase their vocabulary, writing, reading and thinking skills.

Culture & Science: In this area, children will learn about the world around them.

Besides these areas, we strive to focus on a child's physical, emotional and creative development. Our play areas (indoor and outdoor) stimulate physical activity, team building and relationship building among children. Our teachers treat children as individuals with unique personalities and guide them to develop emotionally.

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