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1146 Jacklin Rd, Milpitas CA 95035
Tel: (408) 956-8711
Monthly tuition 2019
Programs (per week)
(7.30 am - 6 pm)
Monthly Tuition
5 full days
4 full days
3 full days

• Nutritional snacks are included. Lunch can be brought from home
• Monthly tuition is prorated and no reduced tuition in months such as December with holidays
• Transitions to the next classroom are based on availability, age and readiness of child
• Per day rate is used to calculate partial-month tuition payments
Other fees and discounts
• Potty-training fees: $120 for 5 or 4-day; $90 for 3-day;
• Registration fee:  $175 is non-refundable and due at the time of registration
• Deposit fee: $500. This fee is applied towards last months tuition
• Annual material fee: $175 due with August tuition
• Extra day fee:  $80 per day for current students (provided we have availability)
• late pick-up: Pick up after the contracted hours, a $1-per-minute fee is assessed
• Late fee for late tuition: Tuition is due before the 5th of the month. Late fee of $5 per day is assessed after the 5th
• Sibling discount: 7% (applied to the lower tuition)
• Yearly paid-in-advance discount: 7%. You may choose to pre-pay yearly tuition in advance and receive 7% discount. If you withdraw early, you have to provide a 1-month notice and there is a 1-month tuition penalty.
• Vacation credit: You are allowed 1 vacation longer than 10 school days (school holidays are excluded) in the calendar year with discounted tuition. You are required to give 2-week notice and pay 1⁄2 the tuition for the vacation days. You cannot use vacation credit during 30-day notice period for withdrawal