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At Global Village Montessori preschool, our goal is to provide a high-quality Montessori preschool with a unique classroom atmosphere.

We are proud of our school and we appreciate the testimonials from parents. This helps us to improve further and reinforces the things we are doing right. We are listing some of the testimonials from parents on Yelp, Google and Great Schools.

July 1, 2020
We have been with GVM for 4 years now, with one or both of our kids enrolled . They both joined in the Penguins class, and continued to Dolphins, and Turtles. Knowing the school over all this time, helps me to give a more balanced review. This is a breakdown of why I would give the school 5 stars overall! Hope it helps.. 1. Trust and safety- The most important aspect as a parent of a preschool kid to me was trust in the care-givers and safety of the kids. That is one area where GVM definitely scores. During the years that i have known and seen Ms.Selva as director, I have complete trust in her management and faith that she will make the right decisions for the kids. In case of any concern/issue, her response has been always swift and empathetic, and this for me was a big reason to keep going back to the school every year. As far as safety and transparency, I like the open layout of the school and the fact that i can see my kids settling in to class/playground , visit the class at pickup, see the materials they have been working with, chat with the teachers about their day, etc. I have never had reason to worry about the safety of my kids with respect to teachers, materials, playground,etc. 2. Curriculum - Though Montessori-based, the curriculum is more of a mix of traditional and Montessori approach. Kids learn at their own pace and work with the material they prefer. At the same time, they are exposed to a wide-range of concepts during circle-time and do activities based on that . In the younger classes, there is a lot of art and craft work, songs and dance, yoga and movement. In the Turtles class, while kids are free to choose what they want to work on, the teachers encourage them to do rotate and do a variety of jobs. 3. Events and activities - At GVM, things are always kept interesting. There is always a theme for the week, arts, crafts based on that, field trips , onsite performers/shows, so many celebrations where kids perform for parents throughout the year(mothers day, fathers day, lunar new year, diwali, halloween). There are other events celebrated as well like valentines day, easter egg hunt, thanksgiving feast, etc.The highlight though is the christmas and graduation events. The graduation event is of a very high standard for a preschool, so much effort goes in by the teachers and students to pull it off in style year after year. These are also good opportunities for the little ones to get an experience of performing on stage, gain confidence, etc. 4. Teachers - In every class in GVM, there is one teacher who has stayed with the school since the 4 years i have been associated, and they are all stellar. Ms. Kat in Penguins, is so good with the little ones(2-3 year olds), holding them, easing their transition into school, helping and working with parents during potty training, and has an easy, natural ability to bond with each child. Ms.Ishrat in Dolphins (3-4 year olds) is a semblance of calm and patience, always measured in the way she deals with the kids, enforcing the routine and order in the class, which I think helps the jumpy, hoppy kids of this age. Ms. Ada in Turtles (4-5 year olds), is so loving and naturally good with kids, they get attached to her like a magnet and easily follow her every word. Apart from these teachers, there are amazing teachers like Ms.Joy ,Ms.Trixie, Ms.Shivangi (the former two unfortunately left the school) who made their mark and positive influence on the kids. Overall, the teacher replacements are selected with great care and very rarely have i seen a teacher that does not seem like a good fit. The support teachers/ part-time teachers need their own mention. There are gems like Ms.Doreen, Ms. Sophia, who have such a positive , caring attitude and and are often the ones who connect to parents giving daily feedback, working through issues with eating, potty, discipline etc with so much pro-activeness and involvement, that i have felt lucky for their influence on my kids! GVM has been doing a great job in trying to adapt to these uncertain times caused by COVID and had online classes setup for kids. I was amazed at the ease with which the teachers and kids started following this routine. For an entire hour, they listen to the teacher, do some writing, reading words, story time, sometimes some craft, or show-and-tell. They are constantly trying to re-invent the learning process given the challenges,while trying to ensure quality is not compromised.
Rkm. K.
July 6, 2020
I could not thank GVM for their amazing teachers and program. My daughter attended GVM for 3 years. She started with Ms Kat's class who helped her with emotional and social growth. Ms Ishrat is the senior teacher in GVM helped my daughter with writing and pre-reading skills. By the time she graduated from Ms Ada's class, my daughter was reading independently. I was amazed by the progress she made. Ms Ada goes above and beyond for her students and makes sure they are on the right track. All these teachers are devoted to their job and students. Ms Selva, Director of the program, is a wonderful person. She is always there to help and very approachable. She is efficient in her work and makes the whole school environment a pleasant place to work and learn. Thank you GVM for all that you do. We appreciate you putting together an engaging distance learning program in such a short time.
Arvind R.
August 6, 2020
We have been associated with GVM for the last 6 years (since 2014). Both my kids started in Penguins room and my younger one is now part of their 4-5 yr old classroom. I only have good things to say about the school. In my opinion the parts that make a school great or not-so-great are management, curriculum, facility and teachers. GVM gets 5 stars in all of the above. Management: Ms. Nikki runs a tight ship but she is always open to listen to parents ' feedback and follows up. Curriculum: It is on par and sometimes ahead, specially Phonics is top-notch. I think my kids developed a genuine interest in learning after being part of this school. Extra curricular: Music, yoga and all celebrations are very much fun and kids love participating in these programs. My favorites are Mother's day and Father's day parties and year-end ceremonies. I highly recommend Ms. Nikki to bring back Mandarin learning program. Facility: It is very clean, colorful and bright. Play area is kind of less wide but it's ok for this age group. Teachers: I can't praise GVM teachers enough. Ms. Nikki did an outstanding job in finding good talent for school. Selva, Ada, Shivangi, Kat, Ishrat, Aileen, Nancy, Joy, Chitra....all of them are just amazing. So focused, disciplined and yet so loving. Ms. Selva who is the director for this location goes above and beyond in every single thing she does and we love her :) Even during covid phase they are doing their best and communicating well with parents. We developed some life-long friendships thanks to the GVM community.
August 22, 2020
Our association with Global Village Montessori has been since 2014, starting with our older daughter until our younger daughter graduated in July 2020. The school helped our kids to grow both on social skills and academically. Here are some of the points why GVM is a great school: Teachers: All the teachers are loving and kind, and this was our main criterion for selecting a Montessori when we first put our older daughter at GVM. All the teachers have been great Ms. Kat(Penguins class), Ms. Ishrat, Ms. Shivangi (Dolphin's class), Ms. Chitra, Ms. Raman (Turtle's class). Ms. Ada from Turtle's class is very nice with kids and makes learning a fun experience. Also, other supporting teachers like Ms. Kim, Ms. Susan, Ms. Soni, Ms. Doreen have taken good care of our kids. Teachers provide feedback on a child's progress two times in an academic year and are always open to any feedback and would immediately take action on the same. A special mention to GVM Director Ms. Selva, she was my older daughter's class teacher before she was promoted as a Director. Ms. Selva is jovial, energetic and that is what kids love about her. Besides that, she would go out of the way to make sure your child is happy. I remember one occasion, my husband forgot to take my daughter's lunch box to school; but Ms. Selva called me and told me not to worry as she had arranged lunch for my daughter, her favorite Pizza!. Learning: Montessori school teaching uses projects and hands-on activities to keep the kids engaged. GVM has a good mix of Montessori style and academic learning. Lots of fun projects (Montessori Job) and activities to do in class to develop fine motor skills and learn about shapes, numbers, letters, phonics, reading, writing, etc. School also organizes external people to come in to talk about important things like Police, Firefighter. Fun events like magic-show, bubble man show, etc. During normal times, there are two field trips to the nearby zoo (Happy Hollow), Emma Prusch Farm and parents are allowed to accompany the kids. Fun/Cultural Activities: Lots of these - Diwali, ThanksGiving, Halloween parade, summer fun activities with water play, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc, the special holiday program with Christmas theme is also very well organized by the GVM staff The school year-end program is well organized, giving kids a chance to perform on stage. Facilities: Good and bright interiors with well-maintained furniture, clean and well-maintained restrooms. There is a play area on the backside of the school well equipped with outdoor playsets and there is also a sandpit which my daughter enjoyed the most, the class teachers always accompany kids and also make sure that the kids wear sunscreen (provided by the parents) before going outdoors. It is a safe enclosed place so that kids cannot wander off alone. Management is responsive to your queries, Ms. Selva has been very open to suggestions and makes all efforts to revert back to email queries and in-office meetings. Covid-19 Situation: GVM team handled the COVID-19 situation very well, although it was very tough on them (small business) given the school had to be shut-down to adhere to the county guidance. GVM very quickly rolled out distance learning and helped to keep the kids engaged with lessons and work papers sent over emails, regular zoom meetings with teachers, and the virtual show-n-tell sessions. Towards the later part in June 2020, they opened the school with limited students onsite and by following all the cleanliness guidance from the county. We are happy to recommend GVM to anyone looking for a safe, clean, nurturing Montessori school.
June 28, 2020
My wife and I are glad to have found Global Village Montessori for our son. Ms.Selva, the GVM director, is very friendly and helped us with our enrollment. Our son is currently in the turtles class. Ms.Ada is the main teacher in the turtles class, who is diligent in her work and she is great with kids and an amazing teacher Due to COVID-19, the school had to shut down in March. The staff of GVM put together a well-constructed distance learning program for their students. Their zoom sessions were very interactive and engaging for the students.It keeps my mind at peace when I know that my son is well taken care of by the staff at GVM. Thank you to all the staff of GVM for all their effort. My son can not wait for another year in the Turtles class.
Suhardi T.
July 16, 2020
Simply put, we could not be happier as parents for the absolutely incredible experience that Global Village (Jacklin location) has given our son. He has been enrolled full time at GVM for over a year now. The development, interaction, and progression that we have seen him go through has been remarkable. He went from a very shy, late-talking two-year-old toddler to a social butterfly at three! I guess it runs in the family! He can now read, speak, interact, recite, play, dance, differentiate his shapes, colors and animals and has developed an amazing personality through the help of his teachers and fellow students. Again, all at the age of three! Before we chose GVM, we visited other schools in the South Bay and were not nearly as impressed. GVM shines above the rest in the following-- Staff: My son loves all the staff at GVM! They are all friendly, knowledgeable and a joy to be around. The staff does an amazing job informing the parents about what the kids are learning and provide immediate feedback. They also email monthly newsletters to parents and email photos to parents so we can see what our little ones are doing that day. Ms. Kat, Ms. Lauren, Ms. Shivangi, Ms. Ada, Ms. Chitra, Ms. Sony, Ms. Rekha and Ms. Selva are an exceptional team! Their concern for every child is genuine and every child feels that way. They have positively impacted our son's life for the better. We are incredibly thankful for each and every one of them! Facility and safety: Cleanliness and safety are paramount at the Jacklin location, especially during this chaotic pandemic. I simply do not worry about my son's safety once we drop him off. In terms of cleanliness, GVM has taken so many steps to properly clean the school that it would require another comment twice as long as this one to justify how clean everything is. All of the teachers wears masks, wipe and clean everything before and after class, and social distancing is a priority. The kids all have their temperatures checked before going in as well and there is hand sanitizer everywhere. Admission process and tuition: the admission process itself was very easy. The tuition prices are very reasonable considering Bay Area prices paired with the quality of education. We love the fact that we can pay our bill online too. It makes it that much easier for us. Education: my son can read, speak, interact, recite, play, dance, differentiate his shapes, animals and colors, has taught me about the solar system and many other things at the age of three! Enough said. The ONLY negative about GVM that it does not go past kindergarten. If it did, I would have my son there! Overall, I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Jacklin location at GVM. We are all excited to being an active part of the GVM community and cannot wait for the following school year!
Ante B.
July 24, 2020
I think an update to this location is needed in light of virus situation. In my previous review I had one of my child complete two years here and my son currently is in year three at the school. I am very happy with the work this school has done in this current environment. The school has a number of safety precautions installed such as frequent hand wash, requiring social distancing among the kids and requiring a temperature check for all student entering. I know this is enforce quite a bit because he comes home tell us we need to keep a distance from each other and sings the birthday a song while he is washing his hands. This staff has kept the parent informed of all the developments and really has done a great job following the procedures and keeping the children safe. I would recommend this place to any parent who needs to find a safe day care for their child.
Chester V.
June 17, 2020
When we joined GVM My daughter had moved from a close by program and had a "not so good" experience and hated going to school. She just adapted at GVM day 1. The staff has always been cordial and handled everything during the pandemic professionally too. My child loves talking about her teachers and has formed a wonderful bond with them. Thanks again!!!! Would definitely recommend GVM to anyone who comes my way.
Bala V.
July 24, 2019
We currently have our son enrolled at GVM Jacklin location. He started at the Milpitas location for half days for 3 days/wk until we moved him to full day. He's been at GVM for more than a year and a half. We visited 4-5 schools before deciding with GVM. GVM has a good facility, very nice, caring and friendly teachers and director, a good program and a good balance of kids from different backgrounds. These are very important factors for us when we chose the school for our son. We have seen our son grow and continue learning. He comes home dancing and singing which is part of GVM program. We love the Annual Program which builds confidence in the kids. Our son do not like to perform in front of a crowd but in this year's Annual Program, he did. Big thanks to Ms Kat, Ms Chitra and Director Selva and the rest of the staff at GVM. Thank you for your patience and consideration. We are very satisfied and have no regrets with our decision to enroll at GVM. We would highly recommend this school to anyone without hesitation and we plan to enroll our younger son at GVM once he turns 2.
Lloyd L.
October 23, 2018
GVM is an amazing school! I had to relocate from Seattle to Pleasanton early this year and was badly searching out for a preschool for my son. I googled and got onto a call with Miss Kelly and i was instantly comforted and was at ease. My son was received so well in the school even though it was in the middle of the year. The various activities and the events are conducted so well..always so much fun for the kids to be engaged and to learning. The teachers here are so sweet and caring and my lil one loves Miss Kelly. Miss Kelly you are the best! Keep doing the geeat job you all are doing.
Sreedevi V.
June 9, 2019
We enrolled our son mid year due to issues we had with another Montessori school in the area and, boy, are we thrilled with our decision. The school Is excellent in every way; the facility is new and clean, and unlike other Montessori schools that seemed to us sterile and cold, the teachers embrace the method but appreciate that learning can be fun and warm. My son has absolutely thrived at GVM and is making considerable strides both academically and socially. The end of year performance was awesome. It was clear that the teachers and staff gave it their all, and the kiddies performed so well! Could not recommend the school more highly.
Pixie N.
February 24, 2017
I have been searching far and wide for a structured, quality, and yet fun place for my 3 year old son to learn and play while his Mom and I work M - F. I am very pleased to say that when I drop him off in the morning at Global Village Montessori, he goes HAPPY almost every single day! This location opened approximately 1 month ago. They have another location in Milpitas that 2 of my son's friends attend and that place is top notch. This location promises to be just as good I feel :D The owners/operators really do feel like they love what they are doing, and that really does show. My son is on the shy side of the spectrum, not painfully so but not naturally adventurous. After just 3 weeks going to Global Village Montessori the change in his personality is pretty remarkable. He speaks much more regularly now and is more inquisitive than ever before. I can't wait to see how he continues to develop and grow here! I really do feel like we've found a God Send.
Joe S.
October 15, 2019
This is a brand new Montessori preschool in Milpitas that opened in Jan 2013. We toured all the Montessori schools in the Milpitas area and a few in Fremont and felt that this was the best choice for our child. Here are the reasons why we chose this school. 1) PASSIONATE DIRECTOR - The Director (Ms. Nikki) is also the owner and is very passionate about the school. She is open to input and very easy to communicate with. She is prompt at returning phone calls. 2) NEW SCHOOL - Everything is brand new. They even use furniture that is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified. This shows the amount of care they put into the tiniest details of the school and their concern for your child's health. Some Montessori schools are older and showed wear and tear in their furniture, toys, and educational materials. 3) CLEAN BATHROOM - The school has the cutest little toilets to teach your child toilet independence. You'd be surprised that some schools don't have the cleanest bathrooms. 4) WELL BALANCED CURRICULUM - In the morning they have Montessori lessons and in the afternoon they have creative sessions. They offer Music, Arts & Crafts, Yoga, Gardening, and Cooking classes at no extra cost whereas other Montessori schools charge a fee for these classes. 5) SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMS - If your child is currently attending the school, he or she is automatically enrolled into the summer camps. Each week the summer camp has a different theme and they all look like fun! 6) WEEKLY LESSON PLANS - Lesson plans are published monthly and emailed to the parents in advance. Every week there's a different theme with corresponding Montessori lessons and Arts & Crafts. 7) EXPERIENCED MONTESSORI CERTIFIED TEACHERS - Teachers are Montessori certified and they enjoy their work and take pride in their job. They always have a smile on their face and bend down to talk to your child at their level. Studies show children respond better to this method of communication. 8) REASONABLE TUITION RATES - Compared to other Montessori schools they are very competitively priced. 9) GOOD FOR WORKING PARENTS - They have a holiday calendar that is more favorable for working parents. Most preschools have a school holiday calendar where there's time off for spring break, summer break, etc. This puts additional burden on working parents because we have to take time off or find alternate child care for our children. My child loves this school and has learned a lot in a very short amount of time. We are very happy with the school and their programs.
Lavender L
March 20, 2017
Our 4 yr old son loves this place. If asked why, he'd say ... that he loves the teachers, the attention he gets and the overall spirit & fun learing atmosphere - the teachers here always get down his eye level instead of giving instruction from up above. He loves the variety of activities they offer and the bite-sized challeges like jobs and projects that he gets to work on. Our son used to take afternoon naps; not any more ... these days, he doesn't want to miss out on the activities & jobs! This is a new facility - so everything the school has is brand spanking new. The teachers are experienced professionals with years of prior childcare experience. They provide quite a bit of 1-on-1 time with every child as well as organize structured group activities. Now our son has developed a 'want to learn' attitude. he is growing up sooo fast .... he loves to read, has fun with math, ... I am confident he will be beyond ready for KG Most important of all, they genuinely care about the kids as if their own. The bond we've seen develop between our son and the teachers is enough for us not to worry about him during the entire day. We know he is happy, safe and getting the best care he needs. Can't ask for anything more ...
Pals K
July 4, 2016
We have been sending our kids to the GVM since 2013 and our experience with them has been really positive. Teachers here are very friendly, caring and passionate about teaching. I have sent my kids to other day cares in the area before and have had average experiences for a much higher tuition cost. The teacher to student ratio is pretty good for the toddler classroom here as compared to other pre-schools. Our older kid was very shy and wasn't very expressive that made us concerned. Ms Minda totally helped transform her to become more open and expressive. My older kid has now graduated and has moved on to public school, but she still carries the good traits that she built during her time at GVM. My younger one goes to the two year old classroom right now and I can say for sure she is having a blast. Ms Nancy is one of the most energetic pre-school teachers I have ever met. Be it the morning, afternoon or late evening she is full of energy, smiling and active. Teachers here are willing to spend time talking to you on a regular basis to inform you on the progress of your child. Director of GVM (Ms Nikki) shows a great enthusiasm in planning field trips, celebrations (their graduation, Christmas and summer parties are loaded with kids performances), inviting special visitors (like naturalists). GVM has introduced public speaking into all of their classrooms (yeah... for even two year old's) which help kids overcome stage fear from early on and encourages them to speak in their own words (not scripted thus fostering thought provoking and sentence forming talent) about whatever they like (usually a shared toy). GVM also has enrichment classes on their campus (gymnastics, soccer, Bollywood dance) which is so convenient. Totally positive experience at GVM for us and our friends who send their kids here.
Shveta K
June 1, 2016
I'll keep this short. Our son has been going to GVM for the past 2 years. He's been in the toddler, primary 3s and now he's in primary 4s&5s. This is a great school and we'll most likely take our daughter there as well. I will mention Ms. Nancy Ms. Kim when he was in the toddler class, Ms. Kristy and Ms. Ishrat during his primary 3s class, and now Ms Minda and Ms Selva in the 4s&5s. They're all great and our son loved each and every one of his teachers during his time there.
October 10, 2017
I seldom write reviews but I guess this school deserves it as I can't help comparing it to the previous school that my daughter has attended. School Review: I was browsing online to find the best school for my daughter and saw this website. i had a quick look and seems that reviews are good. With this, I had schedule a visit so we will be able to assess it. When we had a tour at the school, Ms Selva has been the best guide to us. Basically, the school is very well maintained, clean and organize. The ambiance is very good which i believe is very important for my daughter's growth and development. I also had a discussion with their curriculum and it is also very impressive. Overall, I would definitely give a 5 star rating on it. Teachers Review: My daughter Arienne has been with GVM for around two months now. She started her 1st day last Sept 09, 2016. With this period, I was very much impressed on the development i've seen on her. From being very quiet and shy kid, she has learned to build her confidence, mingle with others and how to express herself. Basically my daughter has some speech problems, but with her stay here, she progressed a lot though the work is still in progress to develop her more. Unlike on her previous school, we haven't seen any progress, this is the reason why we went to look for another school. Another good thing about this school are the teachers. They are very patient and very kind. They teach the kids with good manners and right conducts aside from being good at academics. They understand that every kid is unique which really impressed me because my kid as I have said has some delays on speech. Arienne's main teachers are Ms. Ishrat, Ms. Annie and Ms Aileen. In addition to these I want to special mention Ms Selva as well who is the asst director at this school. These teachers had helped my daughter a lot. They have been a very big factor on her current development and progress. Ms Selva, is very accomodating and kind. I have briefed her on my daughter's current status since the day I had a tour. She was the one who dealt with my daughter's 1st day and it is really impressive that my daughter didn't cry much. She knows how to deal with kids! I love this woman. She has a huge influence on my daughter who is always excited in going to school everyday even she is sick. She has my full trust because of what I have seen on her personality, she treats and loves the kids like her own. Ms Ishrat has been one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. She has been very patient and very kind. My daughter's everyday progress has always been impressive because on how she deals with her aside from the help to other teachers in her class. Her patience and love for my daughter is simply amazing. I am looking forward for more progress as she is really a good mentor and teacher. My kid loves her so much. Ms Annie is the youngest teacher at this class. She is new but she has a sweet way to deal with kids. That sweetness makes her loved by my daughter. Her knowledge on how to deal with each kid is very impressive as well. I believe that she will also be a good influence on my daughter's progress and development at this school. Ms Eileen is assisting as well on this class. The 1st time I talked to her, i felt very comfortable since I also talked to her about my daughters problem on speech and other areas. She told me that every kid is unique and they develop the areas where the kid is strong. This kind of thinking made me confident that my daughter will really progress at this school. Overall, this school is considered one of the best montessori here in Milpitas. I recommend and encourage other parents to enroll their kids here if you want them to grow and develop their talents. Definitely, I am giving them a 5 star rating. I guess this is also the right timing to say "Thank You and Keep up the Good Work!" to all of the teachers at Dolphin Class. I am looking forward that you will continue in nurturing and developing my daughter's abilities and talents so she'll grow up and be ready for the outside world of kindergarten. To the directors and owners of GVM, you have developed a very good school and hired the RIGHT teachers... Congratulations!
Joy David